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Feb 16, 2017; 6:13am Heiko Tietze-2
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2017-Feb-16
Present: Thibaut, Jay, Heiko, Tomaz

Welcome back to the design team, Thibaut!


 * Release plan for 5.4?
   + still missing

 * Sidebar Guidelines
   + Design Session:
   + Blog post:
   + fix issue with tab from last control to content panel title (should go to hamburger)
   + skim through it once again (Jay)
   + publish tomorrow

 * Have a special UX hackfest/meeting?
   + idea from Arnaud acknowledged by TDF
   + who would attend? (Jay)
     + me *g* (Heiko)

 * Use Git for guidelines?
   + pro: managed review process (Heiko)
   + allows linking with dev repo and to have a comparision of code state with guideline state (Thibaut)
   + formatting needs to be considered (Thibaut), maybe use a "markdown" tool, e.g.
   + Similar solution is being considered at KDE as well (Heiko)

GSoC projects
(see also

 * Ideas are collected under
   + Added: 21 Revamp the Customization dialog, 22 Multi-color gradient
   + Found mentors for some projects but still room for more


 * Add donate link to the help menu
   + help increase the access number significantly
   + suggestion by tdf team to do the same for donations
   + idea was discussed during the rework on the help menu (Jay)
   + no one voted against this solution so do it (Heiko)

 * Modify table styles
   + Backport to 5.3 (Xisco)
   + solved by hiding the menu items
   + will add a task to GSoC projects (Heiko)

 * Restore Clear Direct Formatting
   + Cor will handle this (Jay)
   + Idea is to have the standard paragraph and character styles in a submenu
     along with edit styles and clear direct formatting (Jay)
   + would be the same as in the main menu
   + should be improved to user-defined styles or styles used in the document (Heiko)

 * Gridline/Helpline gate
   + issue is that it's not clear where settings are stored, per account, session, or document (Heiko)
   + proposal is to make Tools > Options settings always account related, and to have
     menu setting should change the property per session or document (Heiko)
   + today we have various settings in the View menu for instance that are permanent,
     which would be needed to be non-permanent or link to the Tools>Options dialog (Thibaut)
   + alternatively have a clear separation of account vs. document/session related settings
     in the options dialog (Jay)
   + View menu is rather a shortcut to Tools>Options and almost all functions are permanent (Jay)
   + while this usability issue is clear, that's how most other programs work (Thibaut)