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    Feb 23, 2017; 6:30am Heiko Tietze-2
    Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-Feb-23
    Present: Thibaut, Heiko, Kendy, Tomaz, Jay
    * Sidebar Guidelines
      + no comments so full acceptance
      + AI: Add to HIG now
    * Notebookbar procedure
      + What/When do we accept additionally NBs in master?
      + How to accept improvements to existing NBs?
      + Make a plan on what we want to provide as factory settings
      + only one UI design for LibreOffice meaning a default icon theme and toolbar
        for better support, maintainance etc. (Thibaut)
      + doesn't work like this for LibO because of crossplattform requirements (Kendy)
      + so ideally we provide a good number of options, the question is what and how (Heiko)
      + have variants to support migration from other office products as well as LibO legacy UX (Kendy)
      + Notebookbar as extension desperately needed (Heiko)
      + encourage "crazy" ideas to show users what's possible
      + have at max two variants of a type of Notebookbar, e.g. simple and advanced contextual sections (Thibaut)
      + what "types" are accepted will be decided in the UX meeting (Heiko)
      + for existing variants write guidelines that must not be broken by updates (Thibaut)
      -> AI: contextual sections: Heiko, tabbed: Jay, single bar: Jay
     * Infobar update
       + Colors are maroon, orange, and beige but should be rather red, beige, and grey for error, warning, and info
       + proposal at
       + first patch at
       + color reference
       + loading a doc from the Internet, for instance, is worth a warning, no need for type info (Jay)
     * COLOR PICKER: New default color palette
       + Jay reopened it to create a row with pastel colors
       + Final proposal at the ticket
       + no enough difference between row 3 and 7 (Jay)
       + better mix sorting of luminance/saturation (Tomaz), like in GDoc (Thibaut)
       + will make a proposal (Jay)