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    Mar 09, 2017; 8:45am Heiko Tietze-2
    Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-Mar-09
      + Samuel, Heiko, Cor (partly), Jay, Tomaz
     * Have a special UX hackfest/meeting?
       + idea from Arnaud acknowledged by TDF
       + no interest so far; will drop from the planning
     * Custom Shapes
       + Have a meeting with stakeholders and talk about next steps (Jay)
       + AI Heiko: send out an email
     * Notebookbar procedure
       + new section in wiki with guidelines for general purpose
         and contextual sections
       + single line and tabs missing
     * Should this be backported to make non-notebookbar modes accessible to all (Jay)
       + it's a minor bug fix so it makes sense to add to 5.3.1 (Jay)
       + is in master for some weeks, should be safe to push (Samuel)
       + will have a look and approve it (Samuel)
     * Default set of table styles
       + Asked again on the ML and did a short survey
       + got a number of replies, unfortunately in the survey where comments cannot be assigned properly
         to the question (as told in the ML)
       + propose to run the survey now with the community but have only one comment at the end (Heiko)
         + no objections
         + two approaches possible: 1: what do people like; 2: is there anything that people do
           not want to be part of the set
       + check with Jakub/Miklos whether text formatting is part of table style ODF and OOXML formats (Jay)
       + text formatting is applied currently (Heiko)
     * New default color palette
       + recommend to run a poll with the 3 variants in 12x9 size (Heiko)
       + suggest to do it on the ML (Jay)
       + as an Open Source project we should include the whole community (Heiko)