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    Mar 23, 2017; 7:22am Heiko Tietze-2
    Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2017-Mar-23
    +++++++ MEETING TIME NEXT WEEK IS 12:00 GMT+1 DST / 10am UTC +++++++
    Present: Eric, Thibaut, Tomaz, Heiko
     * New meeting time as DST begins?
       + Keep 12:00 Berlin time so new UTC is 10am
    * Results from user survey (Eric Ficheux)
      + Improvements asked by users (mostly asked are 1st) version at time of survey: 4.4
        + Better print and page layout setup
        + Less crashes
        + Mailing
        + Better MSO compatibility especially Impress
        + Pivot tables (persistant custom cell formats)
        + Bullets & Numbering
        + Photos and pictures management
        + Load/Save speed on big files
        + General UX design and usability
        + Macro editor improvements
        + More/Easier layout options in diagrams
        + Online and embedded help improvement
        + Lossless copy between LibreOffice modules
        + Better link with business software
        + Sorting and Autofilters
        + « REAL » cut/paste in Calc (actually removing the cut line)
        + Emailing without SMTP
        + Clone tool "full clone by default"
        + Keyboard shortcuts like MSO
        + New page / new section (especially when switching page format)
     * Prototyping tool
       * We want to use a tool where different people/groups can easily cooperate
       * Do we want to use closed-software (which is today much better)?
       Closed software
         + (used for most of the mockups so far)
         Providing interactivity, export to html/javascript, requirements etc.
         + (got in contact with the company and they offer good conditions)
       Open Source
         + (?)
         + LibreOffice Draw (Eat own dog food)
     * Handling of Sifr
        + Heiko: "I wonder who is in charge of as
          there was a related problem with tdf#106284. Guess it is an abandoned idea."
        + Kendy: "Yeah, the separate git repo did not work out, we ended up working
          directly in the core.git (which is a plus I think)"
        + Tomaz: "we don't have those icons in core.git"
        + Heiko: "Meaning we have to merge them?"
        + Tomaz: "well there are more things to do - talk about how to store the icons
          - currently sifr is in big svg sheets (multiple icons per sheet), so ideally
          they should be 1 icon per svg - same as breeze if designers don't want that
          OK - we can store those svg sheets too, but we need to start building sifr_svg set
          which needs to be 1 icon per svg. I'm a bit dissapointed that new sifr icons have
          been added without svg variant"
        * Moving is simple but maintainer would be needed; put also svg into the repo (Tomaz)
        => Jay, could you get in contact with the author?
     * Make LibreOffice design unique (Thibaut)
       + Right now we adopt the design to the system which has flaws,
         especially on dark themes
       + Usually programs do have a clear branding so the suggestion is to have
         one default design and one default icon theme
       + This was likely decided intentionally (Heiko)
       + Issues should be filed as bugs (Tomaz)
       => File an enhancement request and let's run the discussion on Bugzilla (Heiko)
     * Major release update
       + better than hiring a designer we should do the design with an open source community
     * Request about blurry shadows
       + reply on
     * New default color palette
       + survey done, analyzed and comment included into the final layout