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    Mar 30, 2017; 6:36am Heiko Tietze-2
    Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2017-Mar-30
    Present: Eric, Thibaut, Jay, Heiko, Kendy, Tomaz
     * New meeting time as DST begins?
       + Thursday 13:00 CEST / 11am UTC: voted +4/-1
       => New meeting time is 11am UTC
     * LibOCon 27.-29. Sep Rome
       + We will have a UX room
       + do a design session to a specific topic?
       + mockup seesion (Jay)
         + Bibliography (first choice)
         + 3D dialog
         + Custom shapes
       + Share results from UE testting at Nantes (Eric)
         + also talk about redesign of features
     * LibO mascot
       + Introduce a unique identification beyond the logo that can be modified within constraints
         since our logo is fix and must not be changed (idea started at the BoD)
       + list of mascots:
       + Java: Duke
         + Prototype for the idea (logo is the coffee icon, duke added later as the mascot)
       + SuSE: chameleon "geeko"
       + Mozilla: lizard, godzilla, tyrannosaurus (FF
       + Linux: tux
       + KDE: konqi
       + Krita: kiki
       + GNU: GNU head
       + mising a kitten under all the animals, like grumpy cat (Heiko)
       + Metaphors
         + worldwide product, make sure it works for all (Thibaut)
         + freedom, documents, open (Jay)
           + pideon / another bird?
           + or a more symbolic thing
         + superhero
         + crazy combination of superhero and animal (Thibaut)
         + something with edges to align with the logo (Heiko)
       + Process: internally ask for input on ML, later involve designers, e.g. OSD group
       + better we have some time to be creative (Thibaut)
     * Make LibreOffice design unique (Thibaut)
       + Ticket:
       + Previously mentioned in as 'Application Theme' GSoC project
         + would be the solution to swtich from themed to "default"
       + generic theme update makes much sense, but that needs dev work as it is hard-coded (kendy)
         (SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gen ./soffice to enable
          or SAL_NO_NWF=1 to still use the detected vclplugin but no native theming)
       + only way to introduce a new generic design is to make it working in parallel first
       + themes might be text based on Gtk (Jay); Gtk3 uses CSS for theming (Tomaz)
       + someone with development skills needs to look into the topic
       + wish to have all themes via CSS, or the like (Heiko)
     * Color
       + New default color palette
         + survey done, analyzed and comment included into the final layout
           + finalization planned for the weekend
         + We have 1 grey scale, 1 basic colors, 3 light, and 4 dark now -> should we change to
           8 rows by default (and have 1/1/3/3)? (Jay)
           + No idea why it's bad (Thibaut)
           + tonal.soc has 10 rows so better add one (1/1/4/4)?
           + having less colors is good was commented in the survey
           => go with 10 rows (
       + Extension to export the custom palette done and blogged about