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Apr 06, 2017; 8:23am Heiko Tietze-2
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2017-Apr-06
Present: Thibaut, Jay, Heiko, Andreas

 * Notebookbar
   + latest proposal (Andreas)
   + interesting and appealing idea but the unusual interaction should be tested with users (Thibaut)
   + challenging the premise to label all controls in the contextual sections variant (Thibaut)
   + was done intentionally for beginners and to overcome bad icon design (Heiko)
   + and luckily we can provide different implementations
   + as GSoC students are interested in the topic we should prioritize the tasks (Jay)
   + prepare personal prioritization list of MAB => Andreas

 * Numbering & Bullets, Outline
   + Proposal for redesign
   + Looking for more opinions (Heiko)
     + esp. from Eric as he reported Nante users have problems with numbering
 * Color picker
   + New default color palette
   + Patch in - (Jay)
   + Start writing a blog post => Heiko

 * Remove when Sifr is merged into Git
   + Started to transfer Sifr into Github => Andreas