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May 04, 2017; 7:47am Heiko Tietze-2
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2017-May-04
Present: Jay, Akshay, Regina, Heiko, Tomaz


 * Open Tech Summit
   + Considering to talk about Notebookbar (Heiko)

 * Infographic Poster
   + Who is able to help?

 * LibO mascot
   + Great input received on the ML so far
   + Summary at
   + recommend to do a competition
     + e.g. x€ or physical price like a graphic tablet
     + give the top 5 candidates prizes
     + competition will encourage designers to get involved in LO
     + add an announcement to the website/mascot etc.

 * Encourage devs to check needsDevEval keywords
   + for example -

   + First results
     + reply on G+
     + from the blog
     + graph with Likert results
     + raw data with comments (voting is hidden)
     + Many comments about awkward and dated styles that we take as consensus to remove them from table styles
     + Keep legacy autoformat table function with the old styles (Jay)
     + Would rather clean up the code/UI/styles (Heiko)

     + Requests for plain and simple styles but also some about colored variants (pastel)
     + Serif font was criticized


 * Default set of table styles

   + Implementation
     + Future development work -
     + Two styles missing for statistics and invoices with special care for first/last column and header/footer row resp. (Regina)
     + Avoid vertical grid lines, too much colors
     + Have ~4 plain and simple styles and ~4 colored but what else? (Heiko)
     + Alternatively, design some basic themes and colorize them differently (Jay)
   + How to implement the styles
     + styles.xml is generated from a binary format which resides at /core/extras/source/misc_config/autotbl.fmt
     + enhancement request to replace binary format by xml in tdf#107560; workaround needed
     + the style is rather a template and accomplished by switches what attribute of the template is being used (Regina)