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    Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2017-Jun-15
    From: Heiko Tietze
    Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2017 14:09:50 +0200
    Present: Muhammet, Cor, Gökhan, Jay, Heiko, Eric
    GSoC projects
    * Customization dialog (mkara)
    + Finalization of the design done
    + What scope is relevant to search?
    + Filter out items found in the function list, not the category menu (Jay)
    + The use case is turned from search into filter thereby; wouldn't do this (Heiko)
    * Notebookbar (ggurbet)
    + hamburger button moved to right side
    + currently working on new right-side shortcut toolbox
    + marketing asks to make the NB non-experimental for at least v6.0
    + with current progress of student, i am doubtful that we will be able to make it non-experimental (jay)
    + default should still be the classic toolbar
    + Long-term project but major features might be implemented (Cor)
    + GSoC plan:
    * List view for template manager
    + Opinions pro and con a filemanager-like visualization
    + We've used "Thumbnail" view for both templates, and rendering the MRU to the Start Center, providing
    a "List" view with full filename & extension has been requested several times, e.g.
    and adding that representation as a list for Templates and Recently used documents would add
    functionality so long as we do not drive
    + Pro: For a large number of templates a list view is very useful (Cor)
    + Search is provided for this purpose (Jay)
    + Still missing a good overview, maybe also sorting capabilities (Cor)
    + sorting alphabetically the template name does not provide additional functionality (Jay)
    + It's simply faster to work with a certain amount of templates.
    + Con: Template manager must not look and act like a file manager (Jay)
    + it's called a template manager, so add a manage functionality with a list view. Simple (Cor)
    + we have limited management features both technically and design (Jay)
    + File manager would be a bottomless pit, we cannot implement all features (Jay)
    + it's not about a full file manager functionality; no one asks that.
    + Stuart supported this hezitation about a file manager in c5, c7, c9 and closed the ticket therefore
    + Con: No other office suite provides a list view for templates (Jay)
    + then we can start dumping a lot of code.
    => Listview makes sense only as a detailed view with more than one column
    + Let's introduce creation date/time and person/department, last modification date/time and person,
    size, location?, favorite flag...
    + Include sorting capabilities
    + Consider hierarchies (Eric)