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Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2017-Aug-03
From: Heiko Tietze <>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2017 14:51:29 +0200
To: LibO Design <>

Present: Eric, Jay, Tomaz, Heiko


* Participation in the design meeting declined
+ Bubli: criticizing the missing technical background of proposals
+ Samuel: lunch time around 13, preference is 9-11 or 14-16
+ Tomaz/Eric: it's okay but vacation time during summer
+ Eric: maybe better advertise the meeting to the community
+ Stuart: would attend at 3pm
=> starting at 3pm beginning next week


* Switch default to 16:9 in Impress/Draw
+ good idea (Heiko), bad idea (Jay)
+ introduce a user setting or remember the last setting (Heiko)
+ perhaps make it dependent on the actual screen dimension (Eric)
+ run a quick poll (Eric)
+ Aug-02, ~4pm CEST+1: 37/95 (28%/72%)
=> so let's do it

* Missing 16:9 templates
+ some avail from the last competition just need to get included (Jay)
+ task is to finalize the voting, clean-up the templates, and submit all eventually
=> AI: Please have a look at the GSheet and up/down vote the templates
+ once the voting is done Jay will do the grunt work

* Terminology for Spelling and Grammar
=> go for 'Spelling' only

* Introduce a 'histogram' function in Calc
+ calculate the bins automatically (based on user input of how many)
+ followed by frequency() and creation of the histogram
+ run as a wizard (Data > Statistics)
+ no mockup needed as the wizard have a generic ui (Tomaz)
+ formula is to find n bins equidistantly between min and max
=> no further UX input required

* Indicator for overridden properties in inherited styles + means to reset
+ duplicates, good mockup for resetting properties in tdf#89826
+ indication of inherited properties needed (Jay)
+ maybe a section similar to 'contains' does the trick (Jay)
=> lets check how others do it

* Disable Autocomplete depending on paragraph style
+ reasonable request but complicates the UI
+ auto complete can be disabled easily; shortcut is customizable
=> WF because too complicate for average user and out of scope