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Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes of the design meeting: 2017-Aug-10
From: Heiko Tietze <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2017 17:07:37 +0200
To: LibO Design <>
Present: Samuel, Stuart, Heiko


* Further improvements for the meeting needed?
+ perhaps start one hour earlier because of ESC meeting (stuart)
+ lets try the current time first for a while (heiko)
+ make it shorter, e.g. 20min
+ depends on preparation of participants
+ thumbs/up down limits the meeting
+ sometimes even 40-50mins are not enough
+ brevity make the meeting not better
=> keep it at 1h
+ more structured agenda, only yes/no decisions
+ agenda is the right way
+ should be followed strictly
=> good like it is now
+ CC agenda on project/dev/qa/marketing mailing list
+ all who are interested are likely in the design ML
+ spamming all ML is not good
=> keep it in the design ML


* Floating menus (options buttons)
+ Floating menu buttons that provide access to contextual functions
+ Should be unobtrusive but are always always in the way
+ Requested here is a menu for auto fill
+ And in general wrt. toolbars
+ if someone implements it... (samuel)
+ not our workflow, wontfix (heiko)
+ MUFFIN-approach is our way, we'd need to make those controls flexible (stuart)
=> keep the tickets

* Enhance mail merge toolbar
+ request to add some buttons to the MM toolbar
+ sounds good (heiko)
+ aligns with jmux? (stuart)
+ add them as icons without text (samuel)
=> thumbs up

* Page layout mode for Calc
+ spreadsheet is not a writer document with tables -> out of scope (heiko)
+ nice idea and good for new users (stuart)
+ if we go ahead with this idea it should behave like the (standard) page preview in Writer
for consistency (heiko)
+ how to handle pivot table -> it's a can of worms (stuart)
=> thumbs up, depending on devs

* Page render issue
+ get rid of blurry page border?
+ vcl dependent?, better improve hardware rendering (stuart)
=> discuss in ESC, ideally keep the blurry border

* Make page orientation preview icon interactive
+ change the orientation by clicking the icon
=> wontfix, real previews are not interactive in LibO

* Advertise LibreOffice when sending odf files per email
=> thumbs down