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Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2017-Aug-24
From: Heiko Tietze <>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2017 16:52:22 +0200
To: LibO Design <>
Present: Jay, Stuart, Andreas, Heiko, Tomaž

* Default list of favorite characters
+ ₠ -> €
+ ₪ -> ©
+ Φ,Ψ -> ≤,≥
+ 😃 -> π (U+03c0)

* Default set of list styles
+ Final decision needed to submit Jay's patch
-> create a document without patch and open with patch (AI Heiko)

* Removal of Format > Columns
+ Final decision needed to submit Jay's patch
-> accepted, +2'ed, merged

* 'Spelling' or 'Spelling and Grammar'
+ "If we instead swap the .uno:SpellingAndGrammarDialog command for .uno:SpellDialog
in the menu and toolbar xml, we could make this change and backport it as well." (Jay)
-> there might be code that removes "and Grammar" when the dialog is opened in other modules, eg. Calc
-> merge but double-check

* Insert field in Calc only in edit mode
+ what if cell has content and in case of multi selection?
+ Better have dedicated functions/specifier for this, e.g. =INFO() (Heiko)
+ no, because it clutters the menu (Jay)
+ no, because the target is unclear in multiselection (heiko)
-> WF

* Use direct formatting and character style in ToC
+ Limitation unclear, e.g. font size?
+ Scope unclear, alphabetical index, figures, tables...
+ Take all properties (Heiko)
+ implementation issues to pick single properties and not use font size, for example (Stuart, Jay)
-> postponed for next week