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    Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes of the Design/UX meeting 2017-Sep-07
    From: Heiko Tietze <>
    Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2017 17:00:19 +0200
    To: LibO Design <>
    Present: Eric, Samuel, Yousuf, Stuart, Heiko
    * Ideas for team metrics
    + we have #comments/actions on BZ, visits at our blog, participation in meetings
    + ideas:
    + Subscriptions on ML
    + Time to commit
    + Telegram members
    + anything else?
    * Numbering & Bullets, Outline
    + Usability testing done (Eric)
    + translated:
    + will prepare a short presentation (Eric)
    + have a design session on Friday afternoon in 2 or 3 weeks
    + Doodle for design session -->
    * Change default of reference to illustration from page to number
    + WontFix because the issue is the workflow not the default (Heiko)
    + rename to plural forms
    + probably more than just changing references but adding the logic to separate between objects (Stuart)
    => yes 2, maybe 3, so take Thomas' suggestion
    * Fields (actually cross-references) in the sidebar
    + WontFix because because dialog and toolbar are sufficient for all scenarios (Heiko)
    => agreed to Wontfix
    * Access to master elements per sidebar in Impress
    + disagree with having those rarely changed properties in the sidebar (Heiko)
    => no reason to put master elements in the sidebar
    * Embedded palette
    + WontFix because or rather unclear use case (Heiko)
    + Cor reopened and set needsUX again
    + Document colors are the better choice (Heiko)
    + Document colors isnt fully working (Jay)
    + Document colors not necesarily covers all branding colors (Stuart)
    + Solution is to allow palettes to be added using extension manager (Jay)
    + How to include the template (Eric) -> likely via template dialog (Jay)
    + Scope: all modules where templates work
    + Persistance: palette is cleared when teh template is closed
    => introduce a 'template palette' (better name needed)
    modifiable in the area fill tab/dialog (Jay) <- please not (Heiko)
    * Introduce 'lift caps' additional to drop caps
    + good idea (Heiko)
    + better naming for drop caps needed (Stuart) - "Inital" perhaps
    => follow W3C CSS working group nomenclature (103997#c15) on original 70180