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    Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes of the design meeting 2017-Nov-09
    From: Heiko Tietze <>
    Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2017 21:34:18 +0100
    To: LibO Design <>
    Present: Thomas, Jay, Stuart, Heiko
    * Page Number in menu at root level
    + keep it there or have it just in the submenu
    + should remove from root and only group it with the other fields in the Insert -> Field sub-menu.
    Note: it does not have to go into Header/Footer, e.g. numbering index cards, speaker notes (Stuart)
    + page field is not the same as putting the page number into the header/footer as known from other programs
    => remove 2 / keep 2 = we keep it
    * Two color conditional formatting
    + typical heatmap is blue/red but brighter than today (Heiko)
    + Excel -
    => use Light Yellow 3 / Light Green 3
    * Alternative cell selection
    + mockup -
    + WF because of missing use case; a lot of effort for no good reason (Heiko)
    => WF agreed
    * Wording for legacy cursor movement
    + Old "Use legacy cursor movement behavior when selecting",
    + "legacy" isnt useful unless LO previously had this behaviour
    + Option 1 "Excel style selection" (Cor)
    + "style" not suitable word to describe behaviour
    + Option 2 'Excel multiple cell keyboard selection' (Yousuf)(Stuart)
    + Option 3 "Excel compatible selection for multiple cells" (Heiko)
    + Option 4 "Excel-like selection for multiple cells" (Thomas)
    + Option 5: "Convenient selection" (and select by default) (Heiko)
    => take option 2
    * Opening CSV files
    + c18 'open always in Calc'
    + default behavior is controlled by document service, behavior is correct.
    Very weak justification for any change needed here ==> WF (Stuart)
    => split 2/2 pro/con so WF
    Next meeting will be on Wednesday, Nov/15.