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Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes of design meeting 2017-Nov-15
From: Heiko Tietze <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2017 21:20:24 +0100
To: LibO Design <>

Present: Adolfo, Csogor, Thomas, Heiko, Jay, Stuart

* Set page orientation automatically depending on user settings
+ WFM (Heiko, Adolfo)
+ Possible flickers (Adolfo)
+ Go with the proposal (Jay, Csogor)
+ delete radio buttons and have a button to toggle as Csogor proposed, same in sidebar (Thomas)
+ make sure to be compatible with ODF (Stuart)
+ issue in sidebar with user defined values (Tomaz),
should be fixed with the change (Stuart)
=> Go with a patch

* Set background image (to all slides)
+ drop the dialog, e.g. never apply to all pages (Jay)
+ supposed workflow to place an image on all slides is per master slides
+ introduce a checkbox "add to all slide" in insert image dialog (Adolfo, Thomas, Jay)
=> 100% agreement

* Adjust zoom level depending on sidebar on/off
+ open to all solutions, even WF is okay (Jay)
+ go with 'fit to width' (Cor) - involves user action (Adolfo)
+ consider toolbars vertically, navigator horizontally tech. challenging (Stuart)
+ zoom is also an a11y feature for visually impaired people, so better no automatic change (Thomas)
=> agreement on WONTFIX

* SVG application icons clean-up
+ not much benefit (Heiko)
+ may improve on performance (Adolfo)
=> add 24, 64, 96px
AI: Andreas

* Same labels in Draw/Impress
+ ticket not actionable but relevant
+ many issues have been fixed (Jay)
=> WFM (and file new tickets where needed diff between draw & impress)

* Text is not shown behind frame set to 'Wrap Through' and with fill set to None
+ setting a color and transparency none for frames (Heiko)
+ text frames have a different use case and take the color of the background (Jay)
+ Shapes and frames are different type of objects (Stuart)
+ Frames should be 100% transparent with None color by default (Regina)
+ Frames should have no color and no transparancy by default, same as text frames -> results in transparent background (Thomas)
+ will break older docs and the new behaviour needs carefully documentation (Adolfo, Jay)
=> change behavior of Frames to show transparent by default with None fill, likely not an easyhack