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    Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes from the design/UX meeting 2017-Nov-22
    From: Heiko Tietze <>
    Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2017 21:26:35 +0100
    To: LibO Design <>
    Present: Thomas, Csongor, Jay, Heiko
    * Vertical alignment of images anchored as character
    + screenshot -
    + WF because alignment depend on use case; center is as good as top (Heiko, Csongor)
    + Top is better than centered, ideally first line at top, last at bottom (Thomas)
    => no objection but not worth the effort
    * Toggle read access at statusbar
    + no need for this feature in the sb => WF (Heiko)
    + use case: multiple open documents where some are secured by the function (Csongor)
    + 2x pro the suggestion, 1x no opinion, 1x con
    => go
    * Shortcut for Double Underline in all modules
    + if we do that it requires to switch from ctrl+D to shift+ctrl+U in Writer (Heiko)
    + advantage of consistency but have a better shortcut (Thomas)
    => go with shift+ctrl+U for double underline for all modules
    * Change string from 'Left' to 'Default' or 'Start' or code 'Right' entry
    => postponed for Stuart
    * Removal of tango, breeze and libreoffice palettes
    + at least LibreOffice should remain as it is our branding (Heiko)
    + Thomas, Jay pro cleaning up
    + keep LibO, remove Tango/Breeze (Csongor)
    + better names for LibO? (Thomas)
    + idea has been refused last year
    => keep going
    * Removal of Open Sans, PT_Serif, Source Sans/Code fonts (Jay)
    + ESC were against removing of Libertine and DejaVu
    + would still like to remove Open Sans, PT_Serif, Source Sans Pro
    and Source Code that were added in 4.0 and 4.4 now that we are
    bundling Noto Sans and Noto Serif families.
    + we dont bundle Source Serif Pro as it isnt available in italics
    + like many different fonts (Csongor)
    + hate many different fonts, esp. when not installed via distro management (Heiko)
    + no opinion, don't like too much very similar fonts (Thomas)
    + be mindful of fallback for unique glyphs, U+1f512 for example--Source Code Pro our only location (Stuart)
    + what did we do before Source Code Pro was added in 4.0? (Jay)
    + shove them into OpenSymbol, the Emoji support has been painful (Stuart)
    => AI: ESC should confirm removal of the three
    * Optimal column width
    (auto size behavior, "style" instead of direct formatting)
    (table properties: col sizing tedious)
    + solution could include UI proposal from
    + Working With Tables in Writer -
    => would be a cool GSoC project, needs a design session
    => keep tickets but do not make small patches