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Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes from the design meeting Nov/29 2017
From: Heiko Tietze <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2017 21:16:07 +0100
To: LibO Design <>

Present: Csongor, Thomas, Jay, Stuart, Heiko

* Change string from 'Left' to 'Default' or 'Start' or code 'Right' entry
+ Start better than left/right, Default is too unspecified (Thomas)
+ Better than "default" is start and end as Mozilla does (see also c15) (Stuart)
+ rename to start (Csongor)
+ default may be an issue (Stuart)
+ Start in CJK as well (Jay) -> yes (Stuart)
+ CJK uses default right now (Jay)
+ consistentcy across modules is important, but this simple lable change should be made without worrying about matcheing all at this time (Stuart)
+ Adolfo's comment c22 taken into account but for simplicity disagreed
=> do it

* Should we change the default fonts used in Writer
+ twitter poll -
+ 125 votes
+ 37% - Sans (Head) Serif (Text) = WFM
+ 31% - Sans (Head) Sans (Text) = Green
+ 21% - Serif (Head) Sans (Text)
+ 11% - Serif (Head) Serif (Text)
+ But, any trouble with existing templates (Stuart),
+ only two templates for Writer (Jay)
+ WFM 2, Green 1, undecided 2
=> WFM

* Double click on ruler in Write: Open Indents or Tab
+ single/double click consistency (Thomas)
+ known behavior (Mike K)
+ white part (inside margins) should open "tabs"
+ gray part (outside margins) go to "border"
+ or open page dialog's border tab(Stuart)
+ clicking the thumbs go to "indentation" (Csongor)
+ double clicking drop the tab; bug? (Stuart)
=> full acceptance

* Module specific file types at open dialog
+ e.g. 'Spreadsheets' instead of 'All documents' in case of Calc
+ pro: Jay, Heiko, Csongor, Thomas (cross-platform issues)
+ con: Jean-Baptiste (c3,c5), Cor
+ unclear: Maxim (c10, macOS issue), Stuart
+ suggestion to have two new entries 'ODF Files' and 'Common Files'
+ people don't know what "ODF files" mean (Thomas)
+ users opening zip files or binaries in Writer is a potential security issue
+ new type "All LibreOffice files" (Csongor)
+ all libo files = every file that can be opened including png, csv, xls for example
+ adds other confusions but is a minimal improvement
+ module specific <> target specific; e.g. insert image in Writer (Stuart)
+ .uno:OpenFromWriter should show text documents, .uno:Open should show all files (Thomas)
=> 4:3 for the modificiation: Writer will list 'all documents' by default instead of
'all files' (including binaries), Calc shows 'all spreadsheets' etc.