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    Heiko Tietze-2
     Dec 06, 2017; 2:22pm
    [Libreoffice-qa] Minutes from the design meeting 2017-Dec-06
    Present: Taylor, Jay, Heiko
     * Redesign TDF logo
       + WONTFIX as this icon is out branding (Heiko)
       => no reason to change (Taylor, Jay)
     * Files with XLT extension are not added to Recent documents
       + Handle templates differently to documents? (c8)
       => same behavior for all document templates, so yes
     * Extra options for export to PDF
       + PDF export should keep document style regardless the printer settings
       + printing doesn't save vector data, so it should be handled differently (Taylor)
       + _print to pdf_ expected to be different from _export_ as pdf on Windows
       + export should make the final output as close as possible to the original
         + no options at all = WYSIWYG?
         + also there is print to pdf as the alternative workflow
       => PDF export should be done independently from the print options
     * Two independent settings to show zero values
       + Spreadsheet: Tools > Options > Calc > View > Zero values
       + Printing: Format > Page > Sheet > Zero values
       + confusing (Heiko), not at all (Jay)
       + drop the function and go with style (white font for 0)
         + rejected, workflow makes sense (Taylor)
       + have slightly different labels, at least, to distinguish better
         + rejected, header makes it clear (Jay)
       + couple the two options and make tools > options the parent of page>sheet
         + works only for newly created documents
         + many other options beyond zero are in tools > options > view
       => WFM (too much fuzz)
     * Document specific directories
       + LibP is supposed to be module agnostic
       + Quite uncommon workflow in the ticket
       => WONTFIX
      * Compound strings
       + 'Search text format' and 'Substitute text format'
       + #1 'Format of Find Text' and 'Format of Replace Text'
       + #2 'Find - Text Format' and 'Replace - Text Format'
       + #3 'Find Text - Format' and 'Replace Text - Format'
       + #4 'Search text formatting' and 'Replace text formatting'
             (+1 Thomas, description "text" good to know what formatting)
       + #5 'Search for formatting' and 'Replace with formatting' (+2)
       => will take this input and ask a few more people (Jay)