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    Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes from the design meeting 2018-Jan-03
    From: Heiko Tietze <>
    Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2018 21:48:44 +0100
    Present: Csongor, Jay, Heiko, Stuart, Andreas
    * Toolbar button for Special characters
    + New floating widget with quick access to recent/favorites (Heiko)
    or small button only that just opens the dialog (Jay)
    + don't mind (Consgor, Stuart)
    + Notebookbars provide the new widget (Jay)
    => old standard toolbar will be used
    * Labels at the right pane on the customization dialog
    or just have a tooltip
    + add labels (Andreas)
    + get rid of all labels in favor of tooltips (Jay)
    + tooltips are not shown at screenshots making it hard to illustrate in the help (Csongor)
    + labels above controls (Csongor, Stuart)
    => place text above controls using Search, Category, Function, and Description on the left
    and Scope, Target, Function, Customize right
    + use "Target" or make it dependent on tab -> Target is easier for l10n
    + change +/- to add/delete or any other text?
    => tooltips are the better way to explain the function
    * Standard palette rework
    + original request was to swap the names purple and violet
    + introduction of the new palette would require to redo new gradients and table styles
    in order to get proper standard colors
    + 4 light vs 5 light
    + RYB document -
    => go with an update of the palette
    => feedback required, please play with the generator (Stuart)
    if there is no objection within one week the latest variant will be submitted
    => questionable color names are gold, brick, magenta, indigo, teal, lime
    opinions are welcome
    * New/more Gradients?
    + Jay asked Andreas to submit proposals
    + patch has been submitted before at
    including localization
    => suggest to have more proposals until the next release (Jay)