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    Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes from the design meeting 2018-Jan-10
    From: Heiko Tietze <>
    Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2018 21:35:07 +0100
    To: LibO Design <>
    Present: Stuart, Jay, Heiko
    * Standard palette rework
    + reworked with 4x 15% white additon and 4x 20% black (Stuart)
    + rev 5 -
    + try to make blue light 1 equivalent to Sky Tango Blue (Heiko)
    + #define COL_DEFAULT_SHAPE_FILLING 0x729fcf82
    + #define COL_DEFAULT_SHAPE_STROKE 0x3465a4
    + old hard coded colors dont have to included in the new palette (Jay)
    => take this palette and submit AI Stuart
    + submitted the 5.2 palette as extension today, waiting for site admin review (Heiko)
    * Tooltips on/off
    + c11
    + Guideline required with either
    a) "Only add tooltips to controls that dont have labels or whose label isnt clear"
    (meaning labels are taken as replacement for tooltips) or
    b) "Provide tooltips for controls that benefit from the additonal information"
    (interactive controls should get a short explanation by default)
    +1 (Cor, Lendo)
    + no hard guideline, decide depending on the situation (Stuart, Jay)
    => go with "In general, add tooltips for unlabeled controls or when the
    label make the function not perfectly clear."
    * Tooltip for clone formatting
    + proposed is a) "Clone Formatting (double click for multi-selection,
    press Ctrl/Cmd to include paragraph formatting)"
    + not ideal but even a small improvement is better than nothing (Stuart)
    + keep tip short and omit the double click aspect
    b) "Clone Formatting (Ctrl/Cmd to include paragraph formatting)" (Jay)
    though this isnt optimal as well, as ctrl/cmd happens on during pasting
    and not during clicking the button
    + c) "Clone Formatting (RTFM)"
    + d) "Clone Formatting (double click and Ctrl|Cmd to alter behavior)
    => go with option d) (AI Heiko)
    * Paragraph selection with or without breaks
    + we should decide based on how others do it (Jay)
    + MSO includes the paragraph break
    => check GDocs and other tools (AI Jay)
    * Update of recovery dialog needed?
    + Weird workflow secured by an unclear confirmation
    => go with "Recover Selected" (using checkboxes in the list) and "Discard All" (actually cancel)
    * New bitmap fill styles
    + Andreas wants to do the work
    => happy to hear that, go ahead
    * Unapplying properties
    + get input from devs like Miklos and Eike (Jay)
    => postponed to next week(s)