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    Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes from the design meeting 2018-Feb-07
    From: Heiko Tietze <>
    Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2018 21:46:20 +0100
    To: LibO Design <>
    Present: Thomas, Jay, Stuart, Heiko
    * Design session on font handling
    + f'up to FOSDEM
    + fine, good as 2nd
    * Design session on shortcut customization
    + tdf#115052 & co
    + a waste of time (jay, stuart)
    + UI part was part of last year's customization dialog that Muhammet didnt have time to work on (jay)
    + also good, lets do it 1st
    + tentative Friday 8pm GMT+1, ask on the ML
    * GSoC project "100 paper cuts"
    + top 10 of UX nitpicks to fix in a gsoc project
    + tdf#53300 (Pedro)
    + good idea, could be a bit more difficult than easyhack but not a full project (samuel on IRC)
    + we could ask on ML for everyone's top 10 issues and vote for it
    + perhaps restrict to a certain module (Jay)
    + go ahead? no objection
    Last week(')s todo's
    * Standard palette rework
    => take this palette and submit AI Stuart
    + objection? (1 yes vs. 3 no)
    => submit
    * Paragraph selection with or without breaks
    + comparison done (Jay), workflow test pending (Stuart)
    + don't change (cor, stuart, thomas)
    + consistency with other programs is a plus (jay)
    => WONTFIX
    * New bitmaps for the Gallery
    + ideally we get the new and old bitmaps into some kind of voting
    + 10 replies so far, let's see if more people vote
    => 16 replies, patch should get prepared -> Andreas?
    * Bypassing import dialogs
    + load a CSV in Calc shows always the import dialog
    + not too special workflow to read many documents
    + asked some people, most are against the idea as command line and macro exists
    + special uno:command are an option
    + checkbox in open dialog to bypass import dialog (jay)
    + use <ctrl> or <shift> to bypass dialog when it is intended to appear (jay)
    in the file dialog when pressing open button, clicked the file in start center, or drag and drop
    + should be a generic idea meaning pressing shift on open, or whatever, works also when implemented
    in for instance the export to png dialog (heiko)
    + rather improve the import dialog with use of parser settings saved to profile (stuart)
    + introduce some kind of heuristics that detects the format and only asks if unsure (csongor)
    + simplest heuristic would be the URL and after first time reading file from this place
    the dialog doesnt pops-up again (jay) perhaps plus a filename comparison (./file1.csv=./file2.csv)
    => comment ticket with ideas and remove keyword
    * Template changer (continued from previous meetings)
    + ...
    + suggest to make the tc working as loading a template with the exception
    to not override what the user modified (Heiko)
    + document themes are worth to consider as alternative solution (stuart)
    => double-check MSO (Thomas)