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Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes from the design meeting 2018/Mar/21
From: Heiko Tietze <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2018 21:41:39 +0100
To: LibO Design <>

Present: Stuart, Andreas, Heiko


* Use character style for auto-format like *bold*
+ unclear use case and benefit (Heiko)
+ AutoCorrect options for markup strikeout and italic are added commit (Tiago Santos)
+ we would have to add default character styles for underline and strikeout first (Stuart)
+ Advantage of character style on export and we have a pedagogic mission
+ Drawback when user reconfigure the inbuilt styles; we do not have control over the actual markup correction (Heiko)
+ implement option to either have character style or direct formatting (Stuart)
+ strongly opposing to this option (Heiko)

* Improve wording of "Skip empty cells"
+ Example: source with 1,_,2 and target _,a,_ copy source and paste special over target with/wo skip
+ Options: "Skip empty source cells", "Don't override with empty cells"
=> no further opinion so lets keep the original text and add a tooltip
"If enabled, blank cells in source will not override the target."

* Remove functions "3 seconds in Insert/Delete mode" (alt+insert, alt+delete in Writer > Tables)
+ a time slot is a bad workflow; better repeat last command, make function sticky (like clone formatting), etc. (Heiko)
+ original summary needs to get adjusted; we have to decide one by one about hard-coded key combinations (Stuart)
+ no easter egg hunt
=> no disagreement, so let's go, blessing from the ESC assumed

* Remove tooltips from Writer tables
+ How about a longer timeout for tooltips to appear (say, 4 seconds)? (Adolfo)
+ don't mess up with timers; should all be defined by the system but isn't actually (Heiko)
+ Transparency doesn't work (Csongor on BZ)
+ we should keep the tooltips because of accessibility (Stuart)
=> provide an expert option to not show tooltips on tables

* Default icon set on Windows (or on for all builds?)
+ Windows builds better served moving them off of Tango/Galaxy legacy (Stuart)
+ (Tango > Colibre)
+ (Colibre)
+ planning variants in different colors but as extensions (Andreas)
+ ask the community and ship only one icon theme (Heiko)
+ reasons for one artwork only (icon theme, font, notebookbar etc.)
# intransparent development without any user request and no clear requirement
# removal becomes controversial with time
# maintanence trouble
# size of binaries
+ and deliver icon themes via extension? Not a fan... (Stuart)
+ aim for system/theme mimicry (Andreas)
+ In exchange for the new theme, file an easy hack to kill off Crystal (Adolfo)
+ we have in master Breeze, Breeze Dark, High Contrast, Sifr Dark, Tango, Elementary,
Colibre, Sifr, Galaxy (R.I.P. Crystal since 4.x?)
=> no agreement for one theme only
=> 1a. backport to 6.0.x and optionally 1b. make Colibre the default for Windows for 6.0
(do a big announcement with marketing)
2. make Colibre the fallback for 6.1 and flag Crystal obsolete or move it directly into an extension
3. include in LOOL
=> to be discussed: the future of Tango (see 90194)