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Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes from the design meeting 2018/Mar/28
From: Heiko Tietze <>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2018 21:06:19 +0200
To: LibO Design <>

Present: Thomas, Heiko

* Colibre
+ controversially discussed on the patch; Colibre on Windows merged
+ please file tickets to make Elementary the default for Gnome and Sifr on macOS
+ tbd: the future of Tango, Tango_testing, Industrial, Galaxy, and Crystal
+ please file tickets to remove these themes (or rather make it an extension)
=> to be continued

* Combined Toolbar/Notebookbar
+ UI Layout (Pedro)
+ Standard, Minimal, Sidebar
- separator -
+ Contextual groups, Contextual Minimal, Tabbed, Grouped bar Full/Minimal
(maybe come up with a new name instead of Groupedbar?
=> User Interface: Standard Toolbar, Single Toolbar, Sidebar, [Sep]
Contextual Groups, Contextual Single, Tabbed Compact, Groupedbar, Groupedbar Compact

* Option AutoSpellCheck colour should apply to spelling dialog too
+ go with the suggestion (Heiko)
=> no other opinions, so agreed with the change:
background and foreground color should respect user settings

* Fill Cells commands in button menu too short
+ "Move" up/down/left/right (boring repetition though)
+ the function is "Fill" (up/down...)
+ also avail per Sheet > Fill Cells > Up/Down... (acceptable here)
=> Better we remove the fill commands from the toolbar menu (Thomas, Heiko)

* Checkbox for zero values to be handled like missing values in plot options
+ Extra option or respect Tools > Options > Calc > View
=> postponed

* Shortcut to open/close the side bar
+ ctrl+F5?
+ apparently there is no function to programmatically expand the sidebar
=> postponed