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    Subject: [libreoffice-design] Minutes from the design/UX meeting 2018-Apr-11
    From: Heiko Tietze <>
    Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 21:07:05 +0200
    To: LibO Design <>
    Present: Stuart, Heiko, Gökhan, (Steve)
    * Option for choosing the color of the cell comment indicator
    + Issue accepted but customization => WF (Heiko)
    + ask the reporter and postpone for next week (Cor)
    + fine if devs like to implement as application color, see comment 2 (Stuart)
    + still not happy since an option doesnt solves the issue completely (Heiko)
    => request accepted
    * UI of Merge Cells dialog in Calc
    + Add icons or just trust the help?
    => go with the icons
    * Corner cases of style preview
    + Have a full WYSYWIG preview or minimum contrast
    + Solution for the toolbar in
    + we we show font/background color and font name, size and do not provide a full preview, so rather WFM (Stuart)
    + compromise to ignore font/background color when item is selected?
    or on hover like at the dropdown (Gökhan)
    + wouldn't solve the other use case if a user makes a font size very small and zooms in at the document
    => reject ticket as WFM/WF
    * ODF-conform layers in Draw
    8. ToDo: Specify copy&paste behavior of objects in regard of layers...
    9. The layer "Dimension lines" will be removed as default layer.
    10. The layer "Dimension lines" has currently the special feature, that "Dimension line"-shapes
    are automatically added to this layer, even if this layer is not the active one. This feature will be removed.
    11. The layer "Controls" will be removed as default layer.
    12. The current layer "Controls" has the special feature, that objects, which reside in this layer are automatically
    shown in front of objects from other layers and currently the user cannot change this. This feature will be removed.
    + Happy with the proposals, some discussion done on ML (Heiko, Stuart)
    + clean-up makes sense but problems with the UI, e.g. arranging objects with the Navigator, are not tackled yet (Stuart)
    => If UI or workflow changes are planned we should talk again
    * New draw styles
    + resp.
    + What default font and font size want we for all figures?
    + What default width want we for lines?
    + What default color want we for lines?
    + What default fill color want we for 2-D shapes?
    + What default font color want we for 2-D shapes?
    => likely not possible yet
    + How many different styles (fill color) want we for 2-D shapes in addition to the default?
    + Do we want different type of view for 2-D shapes (see below) except default style?
    + Do we want change default style for 3-D objects?
    + Do we want a few styles for text boxes as there are now?
    => Go ahead and prepare a working proposal
    + How about a style depending on page size? (Gökhan)
    -> better go with different document themes or more than one Default Style (Heiko
    * Nested styles
    + Seeking for ideas
    => postponed