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Present: Stuart, Thomas, Gökhan, Javier, Heiko

Welcome Javier (from FSFE Agrentina)!

 * Firebird migration strategy
   + (migration strategy)
   + (dialogs- fixed)
   + (lengthy discussion on German user group)
   + tdf#116944 should probably be closed. The warning dialog is in place, and automatic
     conversion to FB3 suppressed. (Stuart)
   => we should observe the migration procedure

 * Removal of navigation toolbar
   + (ux)
   + (help/docu)
   + the toolbar behavior is not what I'd expect, prefer it to always be active for use (like in a browser)
     seems like an implementation issue in the "PaM" navigation stack. If it can be savlaged, it should be. (Stuart)
     Question: if fully functional, better worked into the Navigator dialog or added to Standard toolbar?
     Or both? (Stuart)
   + could be defaulted to docked left -independent from the sidebar on the right- as in many document viewers (ms office, okular, similar pdf viewers, etc.). also maybe with some modifications. (Gökhan)

 * Chart styles
   + Volunteer showed-up on IRC, javierbuilder
   + Scope: Calc only or in general
     + Ideally the chart style works in Writer as well (like table styles) (Heiko)
   + Basics: ODF conform style possible or some kind of direct formatting like table styles
       + Style known in OASIS?
   + Requirements/Tickets:
     + (Full) chart style
       + tdf#62860 is kind of a duplicate
       + on the top level have some kind of workflow similar to area filling (Heiko)
       + code needs to take a couple of presets and allow users to extend the list
       + to do: mockup with all properties placed on such a dialog
       + will try to find a mentor for Javier (Heiko)
         + would be good to do a few easyhacks to convince mentors
     + Quickly switch chart colors
       + tdf#39097 is kind of a duplicate
       + would be a good and easy to implement first step (Thomas)
       + solution limited to colors is not working, has to be a real style (Javier)
     + Create default charts without wizard
     + All-in-one dialog for chart modification
         + 1) Type - Format > Chart Type
         + 2) Data Range - Format > Data Ranges > Data Range
         + 3) Data Series - Format > Data Ranges > Data Series
         + 4) Data Table - View > Data Table
         + 5) Elements - Insert > Titles, Legend, Grids
         + 6) Area - Format > Chart Area > Borders, Area, Transparency
   + Overviews
     + Summary with screenshots
     + (Old) proposal for a new workflow
     + Jay's work on the topic
   + Alternative
     + Template like MSO

 * Nested styles
   + Idea 1: (+1 Stuart, Thomas)
     + context menu with "Override" (default, meaning applied on double click) and "Add" for the selected character style
     + multi-selection in character styles list for feedback
     + visualization per inspector to see the prioritization (last applied style overrides other properties)
       + Deck with Paragraph and Character style
   + Option 2:
     + forbid nested styles (-1 Stuart)