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Present: Cor, Stuart, Muhammet, (Thomas), Heiko

* Update Office version in file format confirmation dialog to not refer to Office 2013
+ old: “Microsoft Word 2007-2013 XML”
+ new: "Microsoft Excel OOXML"
+ to discuss: "Microsoft Word 2007-2016 OOXML" or "Microsoft Word 2007-2016"
=> check if "Office Open XML Text (docx)" is an extra filter
+ get rid of that many "Microsoft" labels (Stuart); not clear if that's legal (Cor)
+ Microsoft: "Word (*.docx)" (old versions including the year) (Stuart)
+ Word Document (.docx), Word 2003 XML Document (.XML), Word 97-2003 Document (.doc) (Thomas)
+ Calligra: "Word 2007 document (*.docx)
=> go with "Word 2007-2016 (*.docx)" (without Microsoft), adjust other Word entries.

* Double-click does not expand/collaps the options in the navigator ( other than the headings )
+ Double and single click behavior should ideally have always the same result for users (Thomas)
+ Options, Customize > styles, Expert settings open on double click (Stuart)
=> Follow Jim's comment 5 and open root nodes (incl. "Headings") on double click

* bring back Format > Columns in Writer
+ maybe help pages for such UI changes would help users to help themselves or
to find other solutions instead of ranting against LO (Thomas)
+ Jay, Heiko, Stuart, Thomas: -1 (since structure is more straightforward)
+ Cor (strong opinion): +1 (because of ease of use)
+ Concerns in the original patch: Regina, Mike K, Cor
=> make an exception and accept the patch