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Present: Stuart, Heiko


* Print preview has disabled controls when document is write protected
+ NAB, since scaling is not a just visual function, and all other are enabled (Heiko)
+ print view definition is part of the document (Stuart)

* Gridlines on zoom
+ different color (dark grey) (Pedro)
+ available as option (see c15) (Regina)
+ adjust dot's distance depending on zoom factor (Heiko)
+ dots should remain a reasonable size and shift in conjunction with zoom (Stuart)
=> change it similar to dashed line of text boxes; zoom in goes with smaller distance and larger dots

* Text shifted outside cell by indents
+ possible use case is to hide parts of the document by negative indentation (Stuart)
+ Exporting the document with Word results in hidden text (Heiko)
=> respect table trasparency on export
+ we need a general indicator for text present outside the visible area--cells, page margins-- (Stuart)
+ option 1: small opacity to show the text in the background; requires to configure this setting
for exporting (Heiko); doesnt work when outside the page
+ option 2: little marker like the triangles known from Calc (Stuart); maybe at the ruler
+ option 3: forbid negative values (or positive beyond object size), not a fan (Stuart)
+ see also tdf#117009