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Present: Jay, Heiko

 * UNO commands to modify style-level character and paragraph properties
   + WF, as styles don't need frequently and easy changes per toolbar (Heiko)
   + please keep open (Thomas)
   => remove needsUX from the ticket

 * UNO command controls to only showing font name and font size
   + WF, as it clutters the UNO commands; valid use case but bad solution (Heiko)
   + please keep open (Thomas)
   => remove needsUX from the ticket

 * Selecting text changes the current search target
   + in particular comment 9
   + supporte the idea (Cor)
   + just keep the findbar open to retain the search term or reopen for current selection (Stuart)
   => NAB

 * Harmonization of main menus
   + Base
   + Writer
   + Math
   + Basic
   + Chart
   + Bibliography
   Merged in master and 6.1
   + Start center
   => commented on the tickets (Jay)
   => no objection, gp

 * Allow scrolling through slides by mouse wheel
   + would introduce an option alt+wheel and let the user decide whether it scrolls 
     within the slide or to the next (and without accelerator does the other function) (Heiko)
   + yes, alt+wheel (Cor)

 * Enable custom animation pane controls again, to pick different effect
   + support the idea (Cor)