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    Present: Stuart, Heiko
     * Terminology Calc "Tools > Protect Spreadsheet"
       + "Protect Sheet Tabs" (Cor)
         + pro: documentation/help update is not so crucial
         + "Protect the Worksheet" or "Protect the Workbook" is used in Excel
       + "Lock Sheets" (Heiko)
         + pro: the icon is a lock
         + or "Freeze"? (Stuart)
       => let's go with "Protect Sheet Tabs"
      * "View > Grid Lines for Sheet" should work on all sheets
        + WF, as Tools > Options is the default and the view options toggles this (Heiko)
        + possible issue with saving, see comment 20
        + Excel works on sheet level, so view > gridlines off works for the current sheet only
        => WF, new ticket for saving
        => another issue is that tools > options = hide are not overrridden by view > gridlines (on)
        => "show on colored cells" doesnt work too - maybe a difference between windows/linux or related to restart
           + weird control anyway with show/hide as one option merged with another (on colored cells)
        => default color is "Grid color", which cannot reset when changed
     * When in autocomplete jump to end of the word per cursor right instead of next cell
       + works smoothly only when we always go right on cursor right and never jump to next cell (Heiko)
       + WF; use F2 to exit autocompletion (Eike)
       + MSO works like what Eike describes
       => WF following Eike
     * Comma delimited numbers
       + Enhance "Detect special numbers" (Heiko)
       + Excel provides an "Advanced..." (Text Import Settings) dialog where delimiter can be modified
         + Excel doesnt remember any settings
         + see also tdf#117955 - input delimiter is not necessarily saved as settings on text import dialog will control 
       + supposed workflow in LibreOffice is to select the langauge dependent on the input, e.g. German for 1,2;1,3
       => WFM; we should update the preview when language is changed and perhaps we show in what settings a particular language results
     * Introduce shortcuts for indentation
       + alt+cmd/ctrl+5/6
       + WF/Customize it, because this function is not so frequently used and we should save rare shortcuts (Heiko)
       + tab in MSO changes the indentation, backspace removes it (to zero) - there is no shortcut
         in LibO we insert a tabulator character (which is done per ctrl+tab in MSO)
       => WFM, customize it (Increment Indent Value, Decrement Indent Value)