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    Present: Tomaz, Heiko
    * Find & replace in protected sections
    + another option on top of what we have makes it not worse, so +1 (Heiko)
    + OTOH manually changes to protected sections are not possible, so why automatic
    + alternatively to another checkbox we could show a confirmation box (Tomaz)
    + not a fan as this interrupts the workflow
    + if we don't allow the operation we could give better feedback like
    "Search key replaced 42 times. But there are 2 protected sections that weren't touched."
    => keep the ticket open and give these advices
    * Tools > Options > Asian/CTL always active
    + e.g. in tabs with Tools > Options > Language Settings > Default on top
    + remove “For the current document only”
    + drawback: displaces language settings (locale = english) and font settings (default = english)
    + how to deal with the character dialog? (Tomaz)
    + consequently we have to show all types at every time (Heiko)
    + could do that similar to fill styles (color, gradient, pattern...)
    + all types are needed in parallel so switching is bad (Tomaz)
    => more input needed
    * Preserve style when pasting "alien" slides
    + > (a) silent rename of source master page and add it as new master page
    + > (b) dialog about name conflict
    + > (c) silent apply of standard page object from source to target master page.
    + d) apply target styles for objects that haven't been modified
    + we should finde a general guideline that also applies to Calc (Tomaz)
    + mostly you dont want a different style, meaning the source gets the target style on paste
    => more input needed
    * Text body & Default paragraph in (main menu) > Styles
    + none, one or both?
    + expect also text body in the styles menu (Tomaz)
    + why not "Default"? (bottom line)
    => replace "default paragraph" by "text body"
    * Split Options/Formatting Aids/"Display of"
    + Feedback for patch needed
    + Display of > Hidden text works on select > character... > font effects > [ ] hidden
    + Fields > Hidden text - unclear, needs investigation
    + if both are needed we should rename one
    => separation looks promising (Tomaz)