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Present: Tomaz, Stuart, Heiko

Last week(')s todo's

* Tools > Options > Asian/CTL always active
+ e.g. in tabs with Tools > Options > Language Settings > Default on top
+ remove “For the current document only”
+ drawback: displaces language settings (locale = english) and font settings (default = english)
+ how to deal with the character dialog? (Tomaz)
+ consequently we have to show all types at every time (Heiko)
+ could do that similar to fill styles (color, gradient, pattern...)
+ all types are needed in parallel so switching is bad (Tomaz)
+ flatten out "languages" needed/wanted (Stuart)
+ how to assign a default font to headings/text depending on locales
+ maybe add it to
or in files below
+ see also tdf#112879
+ take defaults from this/these files (remove tools > options > language settings > languages: default languages)
=> remove also _all_ tools > options > writer > basic fonts (*) and let the user set-up defaults
per styles: default
+ in multi-language documents/workflows the user is supposed to create paragraph styles with specific langauges
that take their default from the (non-configurable) defaults and may customize in the paragraph style dialog
+ when removing cjk/ctl dev should take care of spaghetti code similar to search/kashida sensitive depends
in the past on tools > options > languages on/off ( )


* Terminology in CONTENTS sidebar
+ use of module names instead of clear names, eg. Text document -> WRITER
+ promoting the modules is a good idea but not alone
=> better in brackets like "Text document (WRITER)" if there is an explicite module
+ Macro and programming -> Macros and scripting
+ Spreadsheets -> Spreadsheets (CALC)
+ Charts and Diagrams -> Charts and Diagrams
+ Installation -> %PRODUCTNAME Installation
+ Common Help Topics -> Common Help Topics
+ Database Functionality -> Database Functionality (BASE)
+ Presentation and drawings -> Presentation and drawings (IMPRESS/DRAW)
+ Formulas -> Formulas (MATH)
+ Text Documents -> Text Documents (WRITER)
+ HTML documents -> HTML documents (WRITER WEB)
=> involve l10n for the actual labels whether or not upper case etc.
=> to think ahead we could also add this to File > New
+ Text documents (WRITER)
+ Database (BASE)

* Calc, Conditional formatting: Drop expandable sections and show all at once
+ introduce a user-defined string (Heiko)
+ might not be part of the ODF spec (Tomaz)
+ go with a standard tree that allow to keep nodes open including a switch to expand (or collapse) all nodes (Stuart)
=> do that

* Tools > Language > For * > More...
+ remove "More..."
+ nice shortcut (Tomaz)
+ weird relation between font/unicode -> language <- dictionary (Stuart)
needs additional review given possible Asian/CTL rework
=> better keep it = WF