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    Present: Tomaz, Thomas, Heiko
    * Toolbar > Special characters old or new
    + always voting for the new button (Heiko, Thomas)
    + a few more pixels horizontally shouldn't be a big issue; and it's the same for Insert Table (Tomaz)
    + same name might be a problem for the users (Tomaz)
    + no change needed just switch (Heiko)
    => lets switch, AI: Heiko
    * Revert "Menubar: move InsertDoc in ObjectMenu Subsection like in calc" (Michael S)
    + see comments
    + consistency is a good thing, so it boils down how users understand "inline" vs. "native" embedding
    and they likely dont see the difference (Heiko)
    + agree with the difference of inserted reference (text doc in Writer) vs ("natively") inserteted objects (Charts in Calc) (Tomaz)
    + actually the patch has been reverted in antoher patch
    => Andreas: please revert using the respective Gerrit function!
    * Labels for "Cell value is" at "Conditional Formatting"
    + Similarity to Excel paramount?
    + change to "n elements" is simple and improves the UI; workflow is in details anyway, see #c8 (Heiko)
    + agree with Kompilainnen and Bubli (Tomaz, Thomas)
    => let's change the label as recommended
    * Reconsider paragraph break handling (Timur)
    + Make it configurable?
    + Keep the default because there are many pitfalls around (Heiko)
    + But an option defaulting to the current behavior is an idea (Tomaz)
    => lets reopen and follow Timur's advice
    * Tab stops in Writer
    + show a "inverted" symbol in the ruler for right aligned text
    + wonder how it works with RTL (Heiko)
    + looks like a bug (Tomaz)
    => accept the ticket and follow the recommendation