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Present: Stuart, Nickson, Heiko


* Manual Column Breaks
+ WFM / colorize break symbol on type (Heiko)
+ color must not be the primary and only way of feedback (Stuart)
+ we have indicators for page and column break (dashed line)
+ suppressing of unusual workflows (disable the column break in one-col pages) is bad
=> current status is okay, WFM

* Clear styles
+ (all)
+ (character style)
+ (list style)
+ besides or additionally to 'clear direct formatting' users may look for 'clear styles'
+ for lists we have ctrl+shift+f12 to remove the style / turn off numbering; congruent to f12
+ problems will occur with nested styles and when a character style is combined with direct formatting
+ users have to take care of putting DF on top of character styles; it's not the supposed workflow
+ we could think about disabling DF when a character style is set (Stuart)
=> there are more side effects and negative consequences than benefits = WF/WFM
=> about list style, we should add access to clear list style to the formatting toolbar

* Styles & Formatting deck is overpopulated with styles
+ (and tdf#118664)
+ bad generic statement, disagree with the idea of "too many" styles
+ what is a "good number of styles"?, what should to be dropped exactly? (Heiko)
+ we have several options to filter/sort styles (Stuart)
=> postponed

* Introduce more text box styles in Draw/Impress
+ what exactly (these styles are hard-coded)
=> postponed