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    Present: Stuart, Nickson, Heiko
    * Heavy changes regarding menu; review needed
    => we need additional UX/dev eyes on these patches
    * Bundle the new "EB Garamond" font with LibreOffice
    + SIL Open Font License 1.1
    + packed 2.5MB incl. OTF and TTF
    + prefer an easy way to load fonts from extension site but for slightly now tend to agree (Heiko)
    + failing an extension, what to do now?
    Q. do we integrate and ship? and similar
    + too many fonts that are not of common interest (Heiko)
    + language scope of EB Garamond is just too limited (Stuart)
    A. Keep the ticket open--but not bring it in yet. Need to wait for better font weight handling cross platform
    * Styles & Formatting deck is overpopulated with styles
    + (and tdf#118664)
    + bad generic statement, disagree with the idea of "too many" styles
    + what is a "good number of styles"?, what should to be dropped exactly? (Heiko)
    + we have several options to filter/sort styles (Stuart)
    + we do not agree there is advantage to reducing the number of styles (Stuart, Heiko)
    + sorting of styles, move interesting to top of list
    + reorganization of the default and sorting
    + the GUI needs attention, reverse the toggle
    => AI Heiko: look for reference sidebar mockups for better style workflow...
    * Introduce more text box styles in Draw/Impress
    + what exactly (these styles are hard-coded)
    + Text Body, Title, Heading 1, Heading2, eading 3, QuotationsP, PreformattedText, Bullet List, NumberList (Andreas)
    + different editengine between Writer and Draw/Impress, 
    + implementation issues aside, do we want to mix Writer styles and Draw styles?
    + nice to do, but would be better to be able to do it globally
    + meanwhile--matching the styles cross module requires each be duplicated, too much work!
    => maybe OK to do a few, 1 heading, 1 title, 1 text, etc.
    * Confusion with CALC: Show Comment on/off
    + comment 4
    + need a new icon for the single show/hide comment for cell
    + make it clear the show all toggles all comments on off
    + iconography to show multiple cells/comments and another for single cell/comment
    * Autocomplete taking special characters
    + WFM (Heiko)
    => postpone