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    Present: Heiko
    * Comment Shortcut "Ctrl + Alt + C" not functional for some locales
    + keep current suboptimal configuration
    => comment with WF
    * Document comparison option not to take into account style changes
    + Edit > Track Changes > Compare Document...
    + reasonable but a can of worms
    => "[x] Include formattings in comparison" at the file open dialog
    similar to Open / Save As dialogs
    * Have Copy on top of the context menu instead Cut
    + the sequence of Cut, Copy, Paste is quasi-standard
    + Microsoft:
    + Primary (most frequently used) commands
    + Open Run Play Print
    + Secondary commands supported by the object
    + Transfer commands
    + Cut Copy Paste
    + Object settings
    + Object commands
    + Delete Rename Properties
    + Apple
    + In general, place the most frequently used items at the top of a menu.
    + Gnome lays low on the sequence
    => keep the sequence but always have the context depending most frequently used function(s) on top
    * Calc: sort values in the list of automatic filters
    + insufficientdata and wfm
    => WFM
    * Personas not found again
    + importance high/major!
    + Options:
    + remove this feature completely
    + don't access images via network but ship a few and make the feature an extension
    + revamp the code to adopt the new API
    + ?
    => preference to simplification and extension (Heiko)