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Present: Cor, Heiko

* Objections to enlarged icons on hover in online help?
+ patch:
+ The effect is really annoying and I can’t think of any user experience-related benefit this might have (Adolfo)
+ There are upvotes in our chats (Olivier)
+ sample page
+ minor issue: all icons including the one on notification bars for example are enlarged on hoover
=> WFM, no reverting/modification needed (Cor, Heiko)

* Image caption, inconsistency: caption for images is now "figure" and no longer "illustration"
+ WF, as there is no working solution
+ Serious concerns (Cor)
+ Issues due to equal translation of different captions
+ keep the last used caption enabled over sessions resp. store with template (Heiko)
+ having no category like it is the fact for legacy documents could go with Illustration
+ looks good; want some more time though to investigate (Cor)
+ Captions and languages always were not friends, see bug 104089 (Lendo)
=> bring up to ESC to find a good solution code-wise

* There isn't tool Gradient from toolbar Transformations on Sidebar
+ WFM, no all features are needed on the sidebar (Heiko)
+ ideally the sidebar provides only a dropdown for predefined gradients
+ agree that the HIG says so (Cor)
+ it looks however that people start / want more and more available there..
+ would be nice to have this nice and useful tool on a more prominent position (Cor)
+ how about the context menu; needs investigations what happens when no gradient is active
=> WFM, if there is no good position for the feature

* Add 'Insert Column Break' to context menu for multi-column-sections
=> WFM (Cor, Heiko)

* Direct formatting control text Highlighting mode <Esc> not toggling off
+ WFM (Heiko, c5)
+ need more pondering (Cor)
=> postponed

* Default set of Impress graphic styles
+ proposal in c14, feedback needed
=> looks good (Cor)

* No keyboard shortcuts for next/previous heading
+ there is a command "Go to next table formula" but with no shortcut assigned
+ introducing a new UNO command for Next/Prev heading makes sense
=> change the summary accordingly; ideally with have one uno command for those actions with a modifier

* Add "Calculate All" to menu "Data\Calculate"
+ dont see a reason against this function (Cor)
=> go for it

* Default Page Margins - Revisited
+ the default of 2cm is good since more users have the metric system
+ making the template depending on the locale setting is desirable
+ there is likely a request on BZ for settings according the locale (Cor)
=> DUP (or accept otherwise)