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Present: Nickson, Thomas, Heiko

* Options for Number recognition in Writer tables deserve better default
+ hierarchical relation of checkboxes needs to be fixed by
a) parent depends on child state
b) removal of the parent item
c) no hierarchy, ie. all get left aligned
+ b) and c) is not possible
+ a) means we keep all unchecked by default but check both children automatically when
the parent (Number Recognition) is beign checked; this checkbox needs an indetermined
state in case only one of the two is checked and has to be off when both are unchecked
(which is a minor difference to the current behavior) (Heiko)
+ support Cor's patch; it's at least better than now (Thomas) and a) could be step
=> look into it whether a) is easy to do, otherwise I don't block

* Show error and other special values at the beginning of the list of automatic filters
+ better provide sort or filter (Heiko)
+ pre-sorting easily fails use cases (all)
+ next to top 10, empty, non-empty we could introduce numeric, alphanumeric
=> good idea, go for it
+ go with a dropdown to provide more than 3 +2 predefined items (plus a button "Apply" next to it) (Heiko)
+ not a fan of hiding options from the user (Thomas)
+ sounds feasible (Nickson)

* Table alignment to center does not recenter upon table resizing
+ WF because of unwanted side-effects when a table resizes itself or
implement as defined in ODF and likewise for frames (see c8)
+ agreement with Regina that a state has to be realized as it (Nickson, Thomas)
=> repositioning of the table after column resize is accepted

* Display metric units on ruler in multiples of 5 when possible
+ WF, see c9 (Heiko)
+ dont see the benefit of unusual values such as 7,14,21 or 3,6,9 (Thomas)
+ In favor of 'round'/usual metric values as long as possible and useful (Thomas)
=> keep ticket open and let dev decide what "favorize steps of 1 and 5" means

* Document converter
+ Mockup without wizard; yes/no?
+ rework appreciated, dialog is ugly
+ wizard is not needed
+ export to PDF? -> converter saves OD XML files according help
=> go ahead

* Non-hidden children of hidden styles appear in top level of sidebar
+ comment 6 for an overview
+ would prefer to get rid of hiding styles (Heiko)
+ do not hide styles in tree view but grey out (Thomas)
=> decision postponed