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Present: Muhammet, Heiko

* Non-hidden children of hidden styles appear in top level of sidebar
+ comment 6 for an overview
+ would prefer to get rid of hiding styles (Heiko, Muhammet)
+ do not hide styles in tree view but grey out (Thomas)
=> suggestion is to not hide but grey-out "hidden" styles in tree mode

* Bind highlighting of formatting charcters to non-printable chars on/off rather than fields
+ see c8
+ makes sense (Muhammet)
=> some agreement on formatting characters being highlighted with non-printable characters

* Improvements to Outline needed
+ see c4; would close the ticket acc. c3 as WFM
=> resolved as WFM by QA

* FILEOPEN XLSX Consecutive spaces in cells with Wrap text affect horizontal text alignment
+ WFM, our solution has advantages (Heiko)
+ text is not the primary data in Calc (or any other spreadsheet tool)
+ keep our solution (Muhammet)
=> agreement on WFM

* No way to load a gradient palette
+ NAB/WF because of simplicity first (Heiko)
+ dropdown doesnt hurt (Cor,. Muhammet)
+ it does! (Heiko)
+ lets keep it boiling (Muhammet)
=> keep ticket open

* Personas rework
+ coding ongoing; loading speed has improved significantly
+ priority to local (LibreOffice) themes (code is working) and extension
+ review from design POV on needed