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    Present: Stuart, Heiko, (Rizal, Adolfo, Cor)
     * Indentation on headings changes the level
       + convenience feature (html style) or bug (pure indentation)
       + WFM, because of familiar behavior and not supporting direct formatting (Cor)
       + Heading is kind of a special paragraph style and confuses users, so pro the request (Heiko)
       + agreeing with Cor; heading is rather not a paragraph style = WFM (Stuart)
       + lists works similarly and change the level on indentation
       => WFM (2:1, as long no other opinion comes in)
     * Grid lines
       + blue color
       + dark grey
       + use lines (zoomable plus) instead of dots
          + Loving this ^. Perhaps the plus should be ¶-blue, for better contrast (and as a compromise of both color ideas)? (Adolfo)
       + and/or independently from zoom
       + make color optional?
       + (patch submitted meanwhile)
       => file new tickets for a) optional color, b) optional static grid with dots depending on screen resolution (see also night mode)
          rather than canvas distance (we should take care of jumping issues in relation to the anchors), c) have a symbol (plus)
          indicator instead the dot
     * Special Characters dialog expand Favorites and Recents bar counts beyond current max of 16
          + I'd love a horizontally-scrolling, single-row list of recent chars, with a maximum of at least 36 (Adolfo)
       + heavy use of special characters in some languages
       + often final character is being combined by two characters
       + edit bar has been removed, which was used for this before (Stuart)
       + many items at once are bad usability for most western users
       + an option to increase the number for recently used/favorites is acceptable (Heiko)
       + predefined items should be provided by l10n teams (Stuart)
       => make the number of rows (Recent & Favorite) an option defaulting to 1 (16 or 24) (as today) 
       => moved doing localization of Favorites to an "Expert" mode to a new ticket
     * Table protected cells: Add possibility to disable warning message
       + tend to disagree as Calc works similarly (Heiko)
       => postponed
     * Undo and redo enhancement
          + MS Office handles this better: it usually gets chunks of ~3 words as I type; ideally LO should detect clauses (Adolfo)
       => postponed