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Present: Tomaz, Heiko


* New meeting time
+ 7pm UTC is too late for Turkey and more eastern countries
+ bi-weekly switching?
+ no preference but not too late (Tomaz)
=> decision postponed


* Table protected cells: Add possibility to disable warning message
+ tend to disagree as Calc works similarly (Heiko)
+ Against warning deactivation, maybe less intrusive with an infobar? (Thomas in c3)
+ better do it with the status bar since the status may vary from cell to cell
+ alternatively, use a special background (greyed out) for protected cells 
also combined with field shading on/off and print preview
+ introduce some "Don't show again" checkbox (plus Tools > Options stuff)

* Undo and redo enhancement
+ MS Office handles this better: it usually gets chunks of ~3 words as I type; ideally LO should detect clauses (Adolfo)
+ needsDevEval (Cor, Thomas)
+ unclear use case as selection could be cut (Sophie)
+ word takes all typing input unless enter is pressed or auto correction or other functions add themselves to the undo buffer
=> we could improve the situation with an option of semantic chunks which takes all input until
comma, semicolon, color etc. into one undo buffer (optionally)

* Introduce Conditional formatting tab at the sidebar
+ WF as it cannot be modal (+1 Thomas)
+ modal speaks strictly against the sidebar
+ we could present some kind of preset at the sidebar which is define in the dialog
+ but that's not the actual request
=> WF

* Some Selected Objects Flash/Blink
+ introduce an option?
+ there is Office.Common.VCL.AnimationsEnabled=true which makes the walking ants standing still in Calc (Tomaz)
+ Writer has also a Header/Footer animation which is not working yet (tdf#92450) (Tomaz)
=> let's add flashing frame on/off to this option and make it accessible to users, e.g. "[ ] Distraction free"