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    Present: Duna, Heiko
    Welcome to the new volunteer, Duna!
    * Content panels "Slide" and "Layout" at Properties deck not available when editing a slide
    => postponed
    * Select object also outside of page canvas
    + clear WF as there is no use case (Heiko)
    + changed my mind (see last comment)
    + OTOH patch wouldn't introduce any regressions
    => postponed
    * Control for setting UI font size
    + Available options WFM, a constant size independently from
    the font metrics can be achieved per fontwork (Heiko)
    + idea is to change the UI font (lens feature like) but WF is accepted by OP
    => WFM
    * Sentence and toggle cases are not on the list of style's font effects in Writer
    + renaming of "Effects" -> "Case convert", "Capitals" -> "UPPER CASE", and
    "Lower Case" -> "lower case" makes sense but "Title" and "Small Capitals"
    have no pendant; the character formatting overrides convert cases so it
    better has a different wording => WF
    + agree with Maxim on WFM (Cor)
    => WF
    * keyboard shortcut to apply default formatting including removing applied character styles
    + what's needed here?
    + terminology missing
    => postponed
    * Reduce heading levels
    + applies to "Automatic" filter
    + or WF?
    + arbitrary decision, vote for 5 (Timur)
    + show more when 4 are used maybe (Cor)
    => WF