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    Present: Heiko
    * New meeting time
    + 7pm UTC is too late for Turkey and more eastern countries
    => we go with bi-weekly meetings, Thursday 2pm and Wednesday 8pm (both UTC+1 / Berlin time)
    * Autocorrect strikeout writing convention potential for unintended changes
    + ask the users on G+/Twitter?
    => set to WFM by OP
    * Content panels "Slide" and "Layout" at Properties deck not available when editing a slide
    => access to slide/layout while editing properties is not needed
    but we could place the two decks onto a new tab like Page in Writer
    * Select object also outside of page canvas
    + clear WF as there is no use case (Heiko)
    + changed my mind (see last comment)
    + OTOH patch wouldn't introduce any regressions
    => keep the idea alive in case someone wants to implement it
    * Context Menu: DrawText add direct formatting
    + would revert work done in bug 81132 and bug 86606
    + disagreed (Maxim), accepted (Cor)
    => wait for more input
    * Group Header and Footer styles together at the hierarchical view
    + can we clean up those styles?
    => discussion and code pointers for easy hacking on the ticket
    * Better text box selection border in Impress
    + the use case of aligning shapes/objects is better solved with a snap function
    + but nothing to say against a thinner line
    + any concerns from a11y?
    => keep the idea alive