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Present: Heiko


* Context menu with "cut,copy,...,symbols" inaccessible, if word is autocorrectable
+ minimum consistency is good, so yes (Heiko)
+ agree; we made a similar decision some time ago (Cor)
=> go for it

* delete referenced cell - raise error
+ WF acc. c9, 15, 17
+ there are more workflows where users could benefit from some help
but s/he should learn the tools (Cor)
=> WF

* Pasting from Writer to Impress Should be "Text only" by default
+ agree (Heiko)
+ keep the current behaviour; users should learn to paste special (Cor)
+ better go with rich text format by default
=> following Regina treating this as a bug

* New comment box should automatically re-position and re-size appropriately
based on the shape of text pasted into it
+ position (#1) WFM, size (#2) the proposal assumes line breakes but we could
always adjust the height automatically (and width if the text is smaller);
would also make sense to increase the default size a bit
+ support the idea (Cor)
= go for size but not position

* UI: tool bar: adding application/input line results in unusable button instead of input line like in formula bar
+ WF (but it would be nice to have the edit line in the function sidebar, bug 92416 & meta 103441)
+ agree with WF (Cor)
=> WF