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    Present: Franklin, Heiko
    * Selection box should include a grid guide
    + dont see a use case (Heiko)
    => WF
    * Validity / List (Enhancement Request - Global Updates / Autofill specific to Data List
    + totally unclear
    => WFM (@Cor: up to you to set it)
    * Doesn't active menu item Insert->Headers and Footers in Calc 6.2
    + WFM/Move menu item
    => Assigned to Heiko
    * Autocorrect: an option to avoid auto-capitalization of some words (eg,. mRNA)
    + merge lists and have only one exception for all?
    => needsDevAdvice
    * Rework tab Header/Footer in dialogue Page style in Calc
    + looks good but low priority as users understand the two dialogs today (Franklin)
    => accepted