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    Present: Pedro, Cor, Heiko
    * Data loss risk referencing slides from external impress presentation (Menu Insert -> File, selecting link)
    + make linked slides readonly (Heiko)
    + agreed, but allow users on confirmation to override (Cor), ideally per infobar as known from Writer
    => do that
    * Can't select/pick multiples shapes or images in Writer/Calc/Impress/Draw with CTRL key
    + switch from shift to ctrl (Heiko)
    + no objection but isn't ctrl for selecting images in the background in Writer? (Cor)
    + oh, it's Ctrl+ two clicks, so that doesn't block the proposed change
    + ctrl click/drop duplicates
    => looks as a good direction to move
    => involve Regina & Armin
    * The problem of drawing trapezoidal graphs
    + introduce new shape
    + add capability to rotate text regardless MSO is missing it
    => done with
    * Replace the Bibliography Database by a dialog to manually input new sources and to fetch from online sources via identifiers for citations/bibliography
    + rough requirements at
    * request for Impress
    * meta ticket
    + drop bibliography completely (all)
    => forward to ESC with proposal to a) make an announcement,
    b) deprecate for 6.3 and kill finally at 6.4