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Present: Franklin, Tomaz, Cor, Heiko


* default padding around Images
+ tdf#87360 asks for the opposite, which is the fact
+ don't agree on it being the opposite, it is somehow related, not more (Cor)
+ padding (aka spacing) makes sense (Franklin)
+ fact is that inserted images with a spacing take this value into the frame after adding a caption
the image itself remains always unchanged
+ adding a (big) border makes the image smaller but changing this effects the text flow
+ take a closer look at tdf#90070 and tdf#87360 later (Cor)
=> apparently all is working as expected so the change to 0.2cm spacing makes sense

* Show index entries which are names as "<last name>, <first name>" in alphabetical indexes
+ requires the addiiton of a new type of field with dirst, middle, lastname (e.g. more)
=> request makes sense and should evaluated by devs

* Compatibility mode setting for Justified text terminated with linebreak...
+ Compatibility with MS (=> WFM) or change the default (=> easyhack)?
+ regression check before change needed
+ maybe get rid of the option completely as Paragraph > Alignment > Expand... exists (Franklin)
+ not working when compatibility is on but that could be fixed
=> no objection to the request, so do it
=> another ticket for replacing the compatibility to the paragraph setting

* "Edit Style" in context menu is a confusing name
+ WFM, as it is the same on Writer
=> general agreement on WF

* Ability to view the total time for rehearsed timings
+ need the total rehearsal time while running the presentation (e.g. want to know
that only 10mins are left for the last two slides) (Franklin)
=> so have the total time addiional to the time per slide
=> new ticket needed for the reset on animation

* Source Sans Pro, as Impress default font
+ up to the template (Franklin, Heiko)
+ defaults could take this into account (Cor, Tomaz)
=> let's do it (the templates are generated per script)