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Present: Kompilainenn, Cor, Heiko


* File>New>Templates... is NOT the same as New > FROM Templates (wording issue)
+ change wording to New > "From Template..."? (1x +1, 1x -1)
+ remove Templates from New (Heiko)
+ go with Manage Templates as it is under Files > Templates
+ keep the current text (Stuart, Cor)
=> WFM

* View -> Master Slide vs Slide -> Master Slide... in Impress (wording)
+ change to "Select/Change Slide Design" or "Slide Design..."?
+ "Select Master Slide" or "Change Slide Design"
+ "Change Slide Master" (accepted)
+ dialog title ideally "Available Master Slides" (and keep section title "Select a...")
+ Load opens dialog "Load Slide Design" which should become "Load Master Slide"
=> go ahead

* FontWork should be available in Navigator
+ treat it as a "shape"?
=> go with shape-like object(s) (and have it

* Notebook bar, tabbed UI, Empty group with dropdown menu for Review tab in Writer with German UI
+ WF/WFM (Andreas)
+ no dropdown with English localization, so a bug?
=> whitespace is a design descision, rest could be a bug (NEEDINFO)

* Dialog window to promote "Shift+F5" shortcut
+ dialog, (baloon) hint/tooltip, dialog, or tip-of-the-day
+ option in T>O>W>G to enable/disable the function
+ or just WFM
+ no extra dialog, maybe just add a note to the help (Cor)
=> WFM (and fwd to docu)

* spell checking --> return text cursor and view to starting point of check
+ works as exepcted (Stuart) (verified on macOS and Linux)
=> INVALID (maybe an option?)

* Find & Replace dialog could save search history on closing of the application
+ store in user profile (Stuart, c4)
=> save the last ~20 searches; consider an option to switch it off