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Present: Rizal, Cor, Heiko


* Correct implementation or remove the Navigation toolbar
+ dock it (c24) (Stuart, Cor)
+ make it experimental (Heiko)
=> dock at the standard toolbar because there is a bit more space left

* Behavior is not consistent when saving with unknown file extension
+ saving a new file adds the extension, changing it at the OS level doesn't => WFM (Heiko)
+ this patch would end in the inability to call a file foo.ab, which is awkward
+ of course not when "Automatic file name extension" is checked (Cor)
=> treat as Windows-only bug

* Names of Drawing Objects can be Deleted
+ allow empty names (=WF) or revert to default (=NEW)
+ mostly a Navigator issue where empty names make an object hidden
+ renaming objects to existing names is not possible, except for empty names
+ ideally we have a flag "Hide in Navigator and ToC" and revert the name to
the default on deletion but that takes some effort for less benefit (Heiko)
+ deleting names is a user action so intentionally done (Cor)
=> not a bug (Cor, Regina)

* Writer does not include a key combination to insert thin spaces (U+200A)
+ add _one_ small white space, maybe run a poll
+ alt+space actives window management on Ubuntu (Cor) & Windows too (Rizal)
+ since ctrl+space is also dangerous we should take ctrl+alt+space
=> go for it
=> marketing/documentation could create a nice cheat sheet for shortcuts

* Explain in the style dialog that Outline & Numbering options are disabled...
+ agree with Buovjaga's idea of static text (though we'd better provide means
to enable the controls, ie. link to the other dialog)
=> next to Outline with "Disabled unless Tools > Chapter Numbering: Paragraph Style is set to None"
or ... "Disabled if the Paragraph Style is linked with Chapter numbering in Tools > ..."
ideally with a link at "Tools...>" to the respective dialog