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Present: Heiko


* Display column widths under table properties for more than just six columns
+ extend to 8 or more input fields?
=> according comments on BZ preferred solution is an option and a slider
where the quick and dirty improvement is 8 fields

* Writer Table Split Merged Cell - Enhancement request "Undo merge"
+ unclear situation with "span" tag in tables for single cells but no
merge info otherwise
=> would be acceptable to have the unmerge command disabled in many cases

* Styles dropdown menu has wrong tooltip: "Create style from selection"
+ rename menu button and commands
=> go with "New Style from Selection" to "Styles actions" and
"New Style..." to "New Style from Selection", "Update Style" to
"Update Selected Style", and a separator before "Load Styles..."

* Allow use of fields in numbered headings
+ accept or wf with hint to use an extension
=> accept but preferrably per macro solution

* Page numbers without hidden slides
+ wfm because of corner case or accept as potential easyhack
=> agree with the request, easyhack perhaps