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Present: Heiko


* F11 keyboard shortcut for fullscreen rather than styles & formatting dialog
=> keep as WF until modfication of shortcuts per extension is possible (see c7, c8)

* Add shortcut keys / hotkeys to set zoom level?
=> WF because no key combination is free across the modules (same reason as F11 
why we shouldnt reassign some keys)

* Shortcuts for shapes in Draw/Impress
=> WF because no good key combination is free (same reason as F11 to not reassign some keys)

* Return object Name and Description dialog buttons to object context menus
=> re-add Name and Description got 4x a +1, at least

* EDITING: No INSERT ROWS ... (dialog box that allows adding a set number of rows)
=> do it by adding spinnners to the Insert Cells dialog

* When opening the navigator, the caret is no longer positioned on the list
+ see c3, c5
=> postponed