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Present: Franklin, Heiko


* Wrong behavior using template via "Open Template"
+ rename _Open_ template to _Edit_ (Franklin)
+ File > New > Templates... unclear and should be renamed to "From Template..."
+ File > Templates > Manage Templates dialog now only has the feature to new from template.
should provide more features (like renaming, editing...) to "manage" these templates (Franklin)
+ alternatively rename to "New From Template..." but we would go back once the managing functions are implemented
=> go with the renaming of Open to Edit only; AI: check other tickets for template managing functions

* TEMPLATES -- "open new" instead of "open" // at "Templates / Manage Templates"
* Writer TEMPLATES -- renaming menu titles to be more intuitive -- TEMPLATES
=> dup of tdf#104074

* When opening the navigator, the caret is no longer positioned on the list
+ see c3, c5
+ wiki on shiortcuts is not up to date
+ guideline on how F6 works for the sidebar
+ however, accessing the styles per F11 jumps directly to the list
=> lets have it as requested in the ticket; opening the Navigator with F5 should focus the first list item;
but going per F6 through the controls starts at the Navigator's toolbar

* Remove option to adjust icon size at the Notebookbar
+ NB is not a replacement for standard toolbar and rather than having customization
we/the community should provide different NB variants
+ agree (Franklin)
=> kill it with fire

* notebookbar additional settings for label arrangement
+ WFM, see also (icon size)
=> see above; no customization for NBs

* Menubar -> Edit -> Comment group
+ Edit > "Edit Hyperlink" below "Comments" and View > "Show Comments" below "Track Changes"
+ always being careful when known menu structure is changed (Heiko)
+ both are part of the review process but it makes not a big difference (Franklin)
=> do not change unless more people agree (keep ticket open)

* Styles Menubar show icons
+ requested is to add the existing styles icons (see formatting (styles) toolbar) to the menu
=> no objection, good idea